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Our Leadership

O f f i c e r s a n d B o a r d M e m b e r s

Rosemary Hayes, President 616.915.0532

Eric Heerspink, Vice president 616.295.6448

Sally Jenks, Secretary 616.458.3736

Sue Haveman, Treasurer 616.299.2625

Eric Davis, Past president 269.383.4539

Julie Devers, New member coordinator 269.628.1024

Tom Richards, Website manager 269.345.5586

Linda Ippel and Mike VerMerris, Fall show co‐chairs (info below)

Mike VerMerris, Newsletter 269.325.4043

Linda Ippel, 616.915.9104

Mary Doezema, Historian 616.987.9264

Tonya Rund, Conservator 231.722.0011

Mary Kuilema, Participation 616.285.1137

Neven Allen, Education 616.460.1765

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