Welcome to the West Michigan Potters Guild.

 Thank you for your interest in hand made contemporary ceramics.


 Our guild  is a group of clay artists organized to improve their own ceramic  skills by providing a stimulating and inspirational discussion of  technical problems, mutual interests and shared successes, also to  acquaint the general public with standards, ethics and appreciation of  ceramic art. This is accomplished through lectures, discussions,  seminars, workshops and group exhibitions.These events are organized and  sponsored by the guild and its members.

Membership is  open to all who are interested in the goals of this organization. The  guild is currently over 80 members who specialize in a variety of firing  techniques and construction methods in both functional and  non-functional forms. The public is invited to attend workshops and  bi-annual shows sponsored by the guild and experience the wealth of  talent and knowledge this guild has to offer. 


Who we are....

  The West Michigan Potters  Guild began in 1983 with a small group of potters who felt the isolation  of working alone in their studios. And decided to do something about it.

The group endeavored to create a vehicle for discussion of problems,  development of interest in various ceramic processes and celebration of  the successes of members. All this was aimed at the mutual improvement  of ceramic skills and education for members and for the community at  large. Several charter members of this organization have seen many  changes and improvements over the years. From a beginning of less that  one dozen the guild has now grown to over 80 members. However, the goals  of the group have not changed. 

The guild sponsors and organizes two members sales each year. The Spring  Show is held in April and the Fall Show in November at the St.  Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Church. Each show is an opportunity for art  patrons to see the amazing diversity of technique and product. After  working alone for most of the year, it is important for members to share  ideas, problems and challenges with other artists. It is also an  opportunity for members to discuss and evaluate their own work.

The guild sponsors 1 or 2 workshops each year. These educational  workshops bring icons of the ceramic world, to demonstrate their own  approach to this art form. Guild members sell their work all over the  country.  Some members wholesale to national department stores, others  sell through art galleries or at art fairs. Several members maintain  their own studio/galleries.  Members  range from professional artists to  amateurs and students. All members benefit from each other's skills,  talents and mutual goals. Monthly meetings are held at members studios  or community rooms in the West Michigan area. Meetings are intended to  provide programs of ceramic interest and education.